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Every year, the Eastern Colorado Roundup celebrates the heritage of Washington County with a mixture of traditional values, local talent and a lot of hard work put in by the youth of Washington County and the Families that support them.


What most people don't see is the hours of dedicated planning, hard word and execution that goes into successfuly bringing it altogether. This area is dedicated to those unsung heroes that strive to bring the best possible Fair experience to all who attend the Eastern Colorado Roundup.


The Fair Board would like to thank those who stepped up to help tie up the loose ends that allowed us to put on the best Fair possible.

Our Sponsors can be seen by clicking on the following LINK

4-H Amy Farmer/ Angela Wylie
Beef Jared/ Megan Reid
Bucket calves Jamie Jo Axtell
Dog Anne Mason/ Amy Farmer
Goat Ryan/ Mollie Dreitz
Horse Devony Bethel / Lisa Hunning
School Kari Monat
Poultry/Rabbits Leann Hellyer
Sheep Ryan/ Mollie Dreitz
Swine Ryan Libra
Round Robin Beth Ray
Home Ec. Virginia Sachtjen
Royalty Chrissy Young
Gymkhana Kathi/ Dena Hermes
Jr. Livestock Sale David Demers
Pedal Tractor Pull Mollie Dreitz/ Akron FFA
Mutton Busting / Calf Riding Bill & Cindy Christensen

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