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  All events must be scheduled through the Commissioners Office in the Washington County Courthouse. All events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. The Event Center may be reserved up to one (1) year in advance of the date of the event. The full amount of the damage deposit is due at the time of your reservation. The full amount of the rental and any other fees are due twenty (20) days before the event. The rental agreement may be faxed to 970 345-2702, but will not be considered completed until the damage deposit is received.

  As two of the founding contributors to our Event Center, all 4H groups and FFA chapters will have fees waived in order to promote continued education and family involvement in our communities. County sponsored events may also have fees waived.


  Keys to areas of the Fairgrounds /Recreational Complex will only be given to those persons who have signed the rental agreement. Keys may be checked out from the Commissioners Office in the Washington County Courthouse one or two days prior to your scheduled event. Keys need to be returned to the same office no later than three days following your event unless other arrangements have been made with the Commissioners Office, 970 345-2701. There will be a $25.00 for non-returned keys. Damage deposits will be held until all keys are returned.


  The County has a PA system available for parties renting the arena. Lighting is also available should your event require evening lighting.

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 Persons renting the Complex shall be required to pay the aforementioned damage deposit as security which shall be returned to the person signing the rental agreement following their rental event if the County is satisfied with the condition of the Complex and after the County has inspected the Complex for any damage that may have occurred during the rental.

  All persons shall be required to clean the area of the Complex rented promptly after their scheduled event i s completed due to possible next rental. Cleaning performed by Washington County shall be charged to the user at the rate of $25.00 per hour. Repairs to the Complex which are performed by Washington County shall be charged against the deposit at this rate.


  All persons renting the Complex shall perform the following clean up in order to obtain the return of their deposit. In the event that the County has to perform the following cleaning requirements, a $25.00 per hour charge will be assessed against the security deposit, no exceptions! If you do crafts, be sure and cover the tables.

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  Alcohol is not allowed on the Washington County Fairgrounds & Recreational Complex except when authorized by the Board of County Commissioners or when renting the Event Center. The rules and regulations for the Event Center are on a separate rental agreement. That agreement will also need to be completed and amounts paid accordingly.

   Failure to comply with any of the above provisions shall result in the loss of the damage deposit, if applicable, and of future use of the Complex. The rent paid shall also be forfeited in the event a scheduled activity is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unless the cancellation results from adverse weather conditions or an emergency.

    To reserve a Booth, exhibit space or rent an RV Space, Please go to washingtoncounty.colorado.gov/reserve-facility and scroll down to find the appropriate forms.

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